It All Started with Prayer


PaTricia barr


Patricia Barr was a physical mother to eight children (Keith, April, Faith, Fay, Tuesday, Felicia, Mary, and Fredrick) and a spiritual mother to countless others. In 1963 she gave her life to the Lord and devoted herself to a life filled with prayer.

Patricia started having prayer meetings in her living room in Pontiac, Michigan. She and her children drew in people from the surrounding areas and the church grew from there.

In March of 1980 Patricia and her eldest son, Keith, opened the doors to Revival Center, in Pontiac. The church would move to several different buildings and take on different names over the years but Patricia pastored over the ministry until she passed in 2005.

Keith Barr Sr.


Keith Sr. is the eldest child of Patricia and Freddy Barr. He was ordained in 1975 and started travelling the country preaching the word of God.

Keith started ministering to the nations in the 80’s. Since then he has ministered in over a dozen countries spanning 5 continents.

In December of 1980, Keith married Isabelle Davis. Together they have 7 children that all minister the gospel.

Keith barr JR.


Keith Gino Barr Jr., often just referred to as Gino, is Apostle Keith’s only son and second oldest child. Gino has traveled with his father since a young age, helping his father in whatever way he could. He was ordained in 20

He is a talented singer and chef but his passion is in delivering the word of God.