Vernard Johnson, who is first and foremost, a preacher of the gospel, has been acclaimed by world leaders and gospel music critics as “The Greatest Gospel Saxophonist In The World”.   Johnson has played for Kings, Queens and Presidents of great nations and he has inspired thousands of musicians to play musical instruments.

  Johnson (now a resident of Fort Worth, Texas) was born in Kansas City, Kansas.  He suffered from severe asthma attacks.  Despite insurmountable odds, he began playing the saxophone at age twelve.  He suffered with chronic asthma for 17 years, but at age 17, while playing a song like “Amazing Grace”, God miraculously healed Vernard of asthma.  He then vowed to play for God the rest of his life.  His dedication and commitment to that vow for over 30 years has propelled him to the following accomplishments:

 ¨     First and foremost, he is a preacher of the gospel and has preached in the pulpits of such pastors as the late Dr. E. V. Hill, Bishop Gilbert Patterson, Bishop Charles Blake, Bishop Chandler Owens and numerous others.

¨     He has 3 earned degrees, and he is the first black to receive a doctorate degree in music from Southwestern Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas (the largest seminary in the world).

 ¨     He is a recording artist with 17 recordings to his credit on such labels as Savoy & Elektra Records.

 ¨     He has performed before over 400 million people in America and foreign countries via his television, radio and personal appearances.

¨     Texas Legislatures (both the Senate & the House) named him “Entertainer Of The Year”.  He was recently honored by the House of Representatives of Texas and was presented ‘from the floor’ by Senator Jane Nelson to the Senate.  A ‘Resolution’ was passed noting his accomplishments and naming Vernard Johnson as “Entertainer of the Year” and “The Greatest Gospel Saxophonist In The World.”

 ¨     He is the Executive Director over all Instrumental Music for the Church of God in Christ, worldwide.

 ¨     He composes and arranges for full Symphony Orchestra and is the National Orchestra Director for the Church Of God In Christ, worldwide.

 ¨     He has performed with Orchestras across America such as the Fort Worth Civic Orchestra, the Flint Michigan Symphony Orchestra, the Church Of God In Christ National Orchestra and others.

 ¨     He is the President of the Vernard Johnson Evangelistic Assn. and through it he has personally led over 125 thousand people into making positive life changing  decisions for Christ through his concerts.

 ¨     He has ministered to Kings and Queens (the King of Morocco, the King & Queen of the African Zulu Tribe), many Presidents (the President of Kenya, the President of Cote D’ Ivory, the President of Liberia;  American  Presidents such as Reagan, Bush, Sr., and (on two occasions), President Bill Clinton.

 ¨     He has been acclaimed by world religious leaders, radio announcers and gospel music critics as the “Top Gospel Saxophonist in the World”.

 ¨     Honored by over 100 cities with Proclamations, Awards and Keys to the City,

 ¨     Honored for his outstanding concerts to the Federal Correctional Institutes and also for his school assemblies in the Public School Systems.

 ¨     First to do a concert for Death Row in the state of Texas where 14 Death Row inmates attended and the lives of 14 were changed forever.

 ¨     Under Mayor Bob Bolen, he organized and presented 3 “Youth Prayer Breakfasts” at home (in Fort Worth, Texas) where over 19,000 people (combined) attended these prayer breakfast, and several thousand youth made public commitments to give up drugs and alcohol.

 ¨     He is a Recording Artist with 17 recordings to his credit on such labels as Savoy & Elektra-None Such, and Tuff City Records. 

 ¨     Received the “Outstanding Alumni Award” from Emporia State University, Emporia Kansas.

 ¨     He held one of the largest gospel music concerts for a single artist in the history of gospel music.  It was in Trivandrum, India, where over 100 thousand people attended, 12,600 Hindus were saved and hundreds were healed.

 ¨     First to rent 46 Convention Centers across America where he held 46 “Soul Winning Concerts” and 11,251 people made decisions for Christ.

 ¨     Recognized for giving away over 600,000 (600 thousand) free tickets to his concerts so that low to moderately low income families could attend.

 ¨     First to popularize the saxophone in The Church throughout the world in such places as Rome Italy, Paris France, London England, Germany, Korea, South Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Malaysia, Nassau Bahamas, Brazil, Baleze, Haiti, throughout the United States, India and many other places.

 ¨     First to Perform an unprecedented ‘7 times’ for the Baptist World alliance in Seoul Korea. 

 ¨     First conductor of the Church of God In Christ National Orchestra.

 ¨     First Conductor of the Orchestra for the 1st joint session of the National Baptist Conventions (USA and of America).

 ¨     First to sponsor and present a Gospel Music Concert at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas.

 ¨     Inducted into the “Black Hall of Fame for Outstanding Churchmen.”

 ¨     Inducted into “Who’s Who in the South and Southeast”.

 ¨     First gospel music artist to perform at the 1st African-African American Summit in Abidjan, West Africa led by Dr. Leon Sullivan.  Twelve heads of state attended this event..

 ¨     He was the Valedictorian of his Ordination Class in Texas Northeast Jurisdiction.

 ¨     In Malaysia, he performed ‘7’ “Soul Winning Concerts” where many people were inspired and saved.

 ¨     In America, at his concert in Kansas City, 8,000 attended and close to 1,000 people made decision for Christ.

 ¨     While just playing his saxophone, hundreds of people report to have been physically healed.

 ¨      He gives back to the community by serving on such Boards as the Salvation Army and Score A Goal In The Classroom (as Vice President).