Pakistan Skype Mission: Overview


In this predominantly Muslim country, Christianity is met with constant monitoring and persecution. In 2005 Apostle Barr heard the call to go to this nation and he witnessed the start of a revival. Thousands came to receive the word of God and were baptized at a meeting in Lahore.

Since that meeting in 2005 the Pakistani government has become more restrictive; large crusades of the past are difficult to organize, but the door to Pakistan has not been closed. With the help of a team on the ground and an internet connection, we can bring the gospel to the people. Through our Pakistan Skype Mission, we have reached villages in the remote parts of Pakistan, bringing over 2,500 souls to Christ since 2015.  

February 2018

This was our first official broadcast of the year due to bad weather in January. Despite the rain and cold in these people still gathered outside to hear the word of God. 

92 souls were saved because of our broadcast this month. Glory to God!